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Our Story

Curt-Master Beekeeper


Curt has always had an interest in all things nature.  His love for bees and beekeeping started at an early age.  His grandfather was his inspiration and he has fond memoriees from his beekeeping yard.  in 2010 Curt started his first set of hives and has currently around 20 hives while managing The Castle View Farm hives. 

Lauren is a Kentucky born and raised animal enthusiast.  She became a shepherd"ess" in 2015 when she started her flock of 10 sheep. At the peak of her lambing season she manages around 50 sheep and lambs using rotational grazing techniques.  

Her natural nurturing ability has given her a career in nursing and allowed her medical knowledge to flow to her flock.  She believes in good stewardship of the land, the animals and the products she produces. Her greatest joy is to see her 3 boys peacefully watching the sheep while growing fond of nature.  

She assists with The Castle Farm as a mentor Shepherd.


As parents rasing three sons, we feel it is our responsibility to educate our children on not only where our food comes from, but also how to raise our own food sustainably.  It is important that our next generation understand the impact bees have on our world as well as learn compassion for animals.  As a couple we know the importance of being in nature and how it improves us mentally, physically and spiritually.  We want our children to feel blessed with the "simple" life and spread that goodness and peace to others.


~Curt and Lauren White

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