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Products and Partners

We have been so fortunate to partner with some amazing individuals as well as groups.  We have had classes and education from UKAg, our local extension office, friends, and other farmers. (by education from friends- I mean midnight phone calls about a sheep in labor!!) Without all of the help along the way we wouldn't be where we are today.  Thanks to each and everyone of you that have assisted us in our journey.   We are members of KY Proud, Kentucky Sheep and goat Assosication, KHSI, as well as partners with The Castle View Farm and The Kentucky Castle.

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As a Kentucky girl,  I cannot explain the value of this organization. They support local  farmers of all kinds.  Supporting farmers that are KY Proud keeps food locally grown close to home and keeps our neighbors and families in business!!!  


We are blessed to partner with Castle View Farm to create a better world for all who step foot there.  CVF is creating healthier minds, bodies, and individuals through farming.  We currently offer beekeeping and sheep education.  Check them out for some amazing EXPERIENCES!!!

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